About Me

Ever since I was a little kid I remember walking around with colored pencils in my hands. Drawing my own universe with my parents and siblings in it. My father is an art painter and my mother is a fashion designer and that is why I always believed art is in my DNA.

Even though I was raised during war in Iraq, my drawings had all the bright colors in them. Happy faces and a safe haven. I left Iraq when I was 4 years old and I found a new home in the Netherlands. My parents raised me with the thought that art is everywhere. The way I dress up, the way I wear my make-up and even the way I write a Christmas card in Arabic to my family in Baghdad. 

My love for drawing grew even bigger during high school. My grades for art were high and I loved what I was doing. But I never tried to paint on a canvas. It seemed as something big and I never had the nerve to do so. Years and years have passed by and all that I was doing was draw whenever I felt inspired.

One day I was walking around in a store and I found these little canvasses of 7x7cm and I felt like I had to buy them, so I did. I had no idea yet, but I was sure something was going to happen one day. Not long after that a war started against Armenia and I felt the need to help in some way or another. I came up with the idea to paint on these little canvasses and sell them. With the money I collected, I could help the families who were suffering from the war.

While I was painting I completely forgot about daily stuff. Knowing that I was feeding my soul with art and that my art will make the buyer smile and help the people in need, was the magic. It touched my heart in a way I can’t (describe?) go back anymore. This is what I want to do! Paint and make people happy in any way possible!